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Recent Blog Entries

  • Michael Hill's Near-Death ExperienceBy Ernestine Hill (Michael's wife) My name is Ernestine Hill and would like to share with you my husband’s NDE story. On June 11, 2016, I rushed my husband to the hospital due to being unable to breathe. The whole week he had been complaining of hav...
  • April 3, 2017
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      SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN Transcending the Brain At least some cases of physical damage are associated with enriched consciousness or cognitive skill March 29, 2017   Despite significant advances in neuroscience, consciousness remains a vexing mystery. Because the quali...
  •   My husband´s NDE with some added commentaries   DIEGO WALCOPZ near-death experience: “I was in bed , when suddenly I saw myself near the roof top looking down at my body. I was floating on it, and at the beginning I didn´t recognize it.I first told myself: “wh...
  • December 9, 2016
    Posted by Jaie Hart
    I sat straight up in bed moving from full dreamscape instantly to ethereal awakening and suddenly feeling the most intense fear I’ve ever felt in my life. I was drenched in perspiration and shaking, unsure of where I was. I sat there in the dark for a few seconds trying to piece together what ...

Near-Death Experience (NDE) - Near-Death-Like Experience (NDLE) - Distressing Near-Death Experience (DNDE) - Out-Of-Body Experience (OBE) - Shared Death Experience (SDE) - After Death Communication (ADC) - Spiritually Transformative Experience (STE) 


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Near-Death Experiences (NDE) = 230 Members


People who have clinically died who report having an out-of-body experience, tunnel experience, feelings of peace, encountering beings of light, encountering deceased family and friends, a life review, and/or a personal transformation of some kind after they return.


Bob Manrodt

Nancy Tuley McGinty

Martha St.Claire, M.A.

Lilly Calandrello  (3 NDEs)

Beverly Brodsky

Patricia Kay

Patti Taylor 


Barbara Whitfield

Marie Rhodes

Yolaine M. Stout

La Vina Lopez

Lion Goodman

Deirdre Dewitt Maltby

Ann Frances Ellis

Robert Collins

David Bennett

Jane Piper

David Echt

Juliana Blawyn

JoAnn May

Douglas McCabe


Lupita Kirklin

Bernice A. Drake

Carmen M. DuBois (2 NDEs)

Cheryl Mansson (2 NDEs)

Brooke Murphy

Frederic Delarue (2 NDEs)

Janet Bettag

Dawn Dunlap

Sharon Heller

Erwin VW

Rudi Rudenski

Anthony Kimbrough

Gerard M Sybers

Brother Edward Salisbury

Uki MacIsaac

D. King

Lisa Hurtt, Ph.D.

David Cortes

Darla Ken Jensen Pearce

Tineke Verwij

Submarelime Maryann

Sarah K

Carol Ayers


Stephen Damroth

Craig Keyes

Vanessa Kight

Heather Tait


Marie Mellett


Duggy Degs

Aimee Dos Santos

Ms. Death

Gerald G. Todd


NDE Xpert

D. E. Edwards

Sarah Savage

M.E. Hill



Annie Palmer

Michael O'Daniel

D.S. Weiler


Susan Whalen

Raymond Kinman

Jasha Salter

Benefit Humanity

Susan Onizuka


Steve Medrano

Roma Turner


Mary Kassen

H.P. Nichols

Tom Matheson

Lee P

Bob Waxman

Journey Home

Kim Justus

Dottie Clark

lou famoso

Isabelle De Bulle

Nurture Your Soul

Ellyn Dye

Diane Goble

Miette Addams


Ellie Rose Charlwood

Kathy Baker

Gypsi Moon - (2NDEs)

Tina Crichfield 

Rita Aistrope

David Wayne Dallas-Midgley

Carl G

Gary L. Wimmer


William C. Schnoor Jr.

Steve Nicholls

Carly b


Brian Michel Talgo

L. Suzanne Gordon, Ph.D.


Donald Adams

Paul Engle

Ian Mattinson


Kathleen Awad

Keith J.

scott arthur zurr

Rajiv Parti MD

Krista Gorman

Benjamin Walker

John Gibson

Don O'Conner - 3 NDEs

Lee Lawrence

Sue Hager-Locke

Dr Rajiv Sinha

David Brooks


Deb Trochim


Bev Sizemore (2 NDEs, 1 frightening DNDE)

Nicole L. Hulbert

Rob Wood

Joseph Aruna Lank

DAN (from overdose)

Leroy Kattein (heart attack)

Fredrick Swan

eugene braxton

Sandra Del Castillo

Truth Me Free

Ashley Joy Pratt, Ph.D.

Joseph Kellner

Ariela Solsol


Susan Helene - 3 NDEs

Tristin Joy - 2 NDEs, one from carbon monoxide poisoning

dazie - automobile accident

Mitch - suffocated

Mary Beth Cameron - placental abruption

John Mathis - organ failure

Robert tremblay

Emma Andersen

Christopher Russell - cancer, met Jesus, also had OBEs

Chad K

James H. Turner Jr.

Aletheia Grace


Brandi Garza - burst appendix

Eric N. - Age 6, hit by dumptruck

Catherine A. Dougherty - 3 NDEs

Yvonne S


Marc Rains

Steven Stewart

Gary Plumley

Peter Bedard

Jackie Wheeler

James Marshall - Chest surgery



Queena Okpeku-DeBoever

Gregory Russell Cook

Whitney Marks

Carol Lynn Vengroff

Lee Thornton

Marion Rome

Dr. J.L. Harter

Gypsy Willow Artemis

Maryse Legagneur - also OBE, Sleep paralysis, Telepathic abilities, kundalini experiances while meditating, automatic writing, death bed side visions, others

Rita M. Mackay

Kathleen Goettel

Kate DeLodovico

Julie Carter


Alan Hugenot

Ainsley Threadgold

Frederick C Hardy

Simon Kent


Barbara Jean Lindsey

Kim de Noue

Nathalie Öhman

donna jines

Jennifer T Webb - drowned

Nancy Rynes - hit by vehicle


Stefan Seward

Sandy Douglas

Keithanthony... Taylor

Larry S.

Pegi Robinson - 2 NDEs - drowned as a child and also during a tubal pregnancy

Nancy - drowned at age 4

Ruth Secreto

Lewis Brown Griggs - Car accident, also had OBE when tree fell on his head 

Malcolm R Gryder - coma, God, angels

Aaron Avila - Stroke and aneurysm

Lori J. Ell

jb rene amigo - Cardiac arrest

Lesley Lupo - trampled by horse

Jacqueline Holtzer

John W Daugherty

Elizabeth Miller

Sophie Kuzminski

Teri Rose

Susan Lee

Sherry Goodman

Positivity Princess Kelly Walsh - suicide

Mary Mance Hart - drowned

shamsul bahri karim - Malaria

Victor Hicks - reaction to medication, suicide


Rainstorm Red-Smith

Donna Hartley

Carol Koenig

Tricia Barker

Andrew Petro - drowned

Jason Remmers

Sharon - 2 NDEs, drowned, hit by lightening

Denice Blevins - aneurysm

Michael Murphy

Matthew Beggarly

Kyriacos Kozaccos