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Recent Forum Topics

  • Heather V's NDE
    Original Link
    Experience Description:
    I was in h...  more
  • EchoBy Blanca
    One thousand four hundred and forty minutes...  more
  • Leah Remini: Scientology And The Aftermath
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Recent Blog Entries

  •   My husband´s NDE with some added commentaries   DIEGO WALCOPZ near-death experience: “I was in bed , when suddenly I saw myself near the roof top looking down at my body. I was floating on it, and at the beginning I didn´t recognize it.I first told myself: “wh...
  • December 9, 2016
    Posted by Jaie Hart
    I sat straight up in bed moving from full dreamscape instantly to ethereal awakening and suddenly feeling the most intense fear I’ve ever felt in my life. I was drenched in perspiration and shaking, unsure of where I was. I sat there in the dark for a few seconds trying to piece together what ...
  •   The day after the election here in the USA, the energy was palpable and not in a good way. There was a sinking desperation to it along with a frenetic pushing. It seemed to beg for help. I recalled on my drive into the office a meditative vision. Deep in meditation, I was feeling very alone ...
  • December 5, 2016
    Posted by Nancy Rynes
    What one thing can we do to easily start our days off on a positive note? Begin each day with a short prayer or meditation. Yes, you read that right. Pray, meditate, or engage in some other quiet and mindful activity for a few minutes before starting your day. I can almost hear the protests: "I do...
  • Introduction Before I had an NDE and countless spiritual experiences I was empathic.  Only now, I am infinitely more so or so it seems.  Throughout the whole of my life, I have been able to sense presence and residual energy but mostly in places that I have physically visited.  But s...

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What's New

  • Steve Shimon
    Steve Shimon replied to a topic in the forum How To Use This Network - Questions & Answers:
    When I found this website I was excited and looked forward to many discussions with both NDEers and Non NDEers. I have not had a NDE myself, but have been interested in them for years and especially the aftereffects. I am very open to discussing, having s...  more
    • Thu at 9:19 PM
  • David Sunfellow
    David Sunfellow posted a new video NDEr Robin Landsong at IANDS 2016:
    NDEr Robin Landsong at IANDS 2016
    Robin was abducted from the U.S. and taken to Rhodesia during the Bush War. When she was shot by Guerrilla Soldiers she began to die of blood loss. She was called back to life by an African woman's Medicine Calling Song. To learn more about near-death exp...
    • Wed at 8:06 PM
  • David Sunfellow
    David Sunfellow posted a new video 000078 A Choir of Angels:
    000078 A Choir of Angels
    The Music of HeavenBy Near-Death Experiencer Nancy RynesOriginal LinkIt's the moment after you leave your earthly life and you're about to take your first step in that spiritual realm some call "heaven." Perhaps a loved one is beside you, or maybe an ange...
    • Mon at 3:17 PM
  • David Sunfellow
    David Sunfellow posted a new video Gina Land Shares Her Near-Death Experience:
    Gina Land Shares Her Near-Death Experience
    Gina Land, cancer survivor, shares her near-death experience.
    • February 19
  • David Sunfellow
    David Sunfellow posted a new video Rabbi Describes Near-Death Experience:
    Rabbi Describes Near-Death Experience
    An amazing story about a real near-death experience, teaching us how we can conquer all with LOVE. Rav Dror is from Jerusalem, Israel, and gives all of his classes from the Emunah Center located in the heart of Jerusalem. The website was start...
    • February 19
  • Joao Lourenco
    Joao Lourenco posted a new video NDEr David Bennett: How Dying Saved My Life:
    NDEr David Bennett: How Dying Saved My Life
    David Bennett was once a brash young commercial diver and Chief Engineer of a Research Vessel. His harsh personal philosophy was “you cut your swath through life to survive.” But one night he was caught in a violent ...
    • February 14
  • Joao Lourenco
    Joao Lourenco posted a new video Stafford Betty, Ph.D. "Spirit Attachment, Possession, and Polte:
    • February 12
  • David Sunfellow
    David Sunfellow added 1 photo(s) to the album Near-Death Experience Images:
    • February 5
  • David Sunfellow
    David Sunfellow posted a topic in the forum Near-Death Experiences:
    • February 3
  • Barbara Whitfield
    Barbara Whitfield replied to a topic in the forum Community Discussions:
    Dear Dear David,
    You always have my permission to use anything I write on this network and in my books.
    And thank you for this safe place to be able to write the way we all do here.
    • February 1
  • David Sunfellow
    David Sunfellow replied to a topic in the forum Community Discussions:
    Another fantastically honest and insightful sharing, Barbara. I would like to get the wisdom you share out to everyone on the spiritual path, especially those in the NDE community. The kind of real life experiences you share are the antidote we need for t...  more
    • February 1
  • Barbara Whitfield
    Barbara Whitfield added 1 photo(s) to the album My Photos:
    Bubbles from a Life Review (Film Brainstorm)
    • February 1
  • Barbara Whitfield
    Barbara Whitfield replied to a topic in the forum Community Discussions:
    Good article! And even better --  great inciteful comments!
    I certainly came back with my ego intact. And that included all the woundings from a dysfunctional childhood (mentally ill mother who physically, emotionally and spiritually abused my brothe...  more
    • February 1
  • Eric Schaaf
    Eric Schaaf replied to a topic in the forum Community Discussions:
    Great article David!  I think it is important to remember that people who have had NDEs or any other spiritual experiences are not necessarily saints - just regular people who've been given a unique experience and special gifts to bring back with the...  more
    • January 29
  • Dawn Marie
    Dawn Marie replied to a topic in the forum Community Discussions:
    Hi, David.
    Great.  Thanks.  We'll watch them on Amazon. 
     ...  more
    • January 24