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  • 04:55

    Lana Del Rey - Love

    by Dawn Marie (Tue at 8:50 AM)
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    Listen to Love now: Music video by Lana Del Rey performing Love. (C) 2017 Lana Del Rey, under exclusive licence to Polydor Ltd. (UK). Under exclusive licence to Interscope Records in the USA
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    Karen Thomas Discusses Her Near-Death Experience

    by David Sunfellow (March 15)
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    Karen Thomas shares her NDE story from July 7, 1982 – and the verification of her out-of-body perceptions. The surgeon saved her life and Karen was able to verify with him what she had seen while out-of-body. Recently, Karen followed up with the surgeon again and he remembers that day even after nearly 35 years, and remembers some of their later conversation. Karen experienced a vision of prayers, which appeared like “musical notes” that she saw rising up to her from people praying for her -- especially the prayer of her 9-year-old daughter.

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  • 02:26:18

    Life after Death Documentary (Full Series)

    by David Sunfellow (March 15)
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    Host Tom Harpur discuses varied topics regarding the Afterlife

    Episode 1: Near Death Experiences [0:00]
    Episode 2: Contact with the Beyond [22:25]
    Episode 3: Children Experiences [42:41]
    Episode 4: Dreams of the Dying [1:03:53]
    Episode 5: Visions of Hell [1:24:25]
    Episode 6: Visions of Heaven [1:45:05]
    Episode 7: Reincarnation [2:05:36]


    "We die the life we live."

    "Our last dreams prepare us for death and the afterlife."

  • 44:40

    NDEr Tricia Barker Interviewed On Wisdom From North

    by David Sunfellow (March 9)
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    Tricia Barker experienced a profound near-death experience during her senior year of college, and this experience guided her to teach overseas, in public schools, and at the college level. Currently, she teaches English and Creative Writing at a beautiful community college in Fort Worth, Texas. Many of the classrooms at Trinity River Campus overlook the beautiful Trinity River which reminds Tricia of images from her near-death experience. Tricia’s memoir in-progress, Healed, chronicles the moment of her accident, her near-death experience, and other moments of trauma that affect many women. The book focuses on being of service to the world as one way to heal from trauma. Tricia’s poetry has been published in several publications including The Binnacle, The Paterson Literary Review, and The Midwest Quarterly. 

    • Tricia's Profile Page
    • Tricia's Website
    • Tricia on Facebook
    Tricia on Twitter

    • Wisdom From North on Facebook
    • Wisdom From North Website


    "[After my NDE] I was so young, and innocent, and full of love -- this 22 year old young woman -- and I was oblivious to the darkness; I was oblivious to how to protect myself in this world. And I think part of my work is to remind young near-death experiencers how to protect themselves. Part of my story is kind of a tough story. I lived in this blissful, happy state of connection with everyone. I loved teaching and I loved my life so much, but when I was in South Korea, I was asleep in my bed and an acquaintance of a friend came in and raped me in this foreign country. I was shocked and horrified. I was this sensitive soul who was completely open to people. I tried to fight in that moment. It was totally shocking. The South Koreans look at foreign women in a different way than they look at South Korean women and all of my Korean female friends said don't even bother going to the police... so I just tried to spread the word as much as I could to other English teachers. Tell them that there are dangers that you might face and to really protect yourselves.

    "But in that moment in time, [I asked myself] did I manifest this? I went through this horrible moment where I thought I could I have brought this into my life? It took many years for me to realize that, no, I'm just a young woman who was walking through this world and I experienced this. And part of my journey is to heal it within myself and to help other people heal. So it is possible to heal, but it certainly took away a lot of that light and connection for a time. I felt like something was shot right through me and I could see my energetic form and it looked as if I had been shot. It looked like I had this wound that went through me. When I met with other rape victims and rape survivors, I saw that there were different levels of healing that had occurred, as if they were sewing themselves back together in a way. And it was beautiful, but it was also very painful because when you saw someone who was just wide open with that wound, then you saw that they had a long way to go; there's a lot of healing to be done. It's a long journey.

    "I didn't know why I was fated to have that until years later so many of my students -- male and female, even young boys and young girls -- would come to me and tell me their stories of being molested or raped. Sometimes in a crisis situation, I would have to call CPS [Child Protective Services] and deal with something that was going on in the home at that moment and I was so good in those crisis situations because I understood all those things that didn't happen for me I had to make sure that they were supported, they were loved, they called the police; I had to make sure that everything was done correctly and right for them. And so I can't tell you how many students I've met over the years from all ages -- from junior high, high school, and college, and at various levels of recovery from this. They were drawn to me. I was a safe person that they could talk to. And so that full circle. For many years, I was undoubtably angry and upset and I had to go through the whole healing process, but I realized whatever our wound are, they prepare us to be so much stronger and so much more loving in this world. So I clearly see what I didn't receive, I can give to others."



    "Two to three years ago I was walking up the stairs at my campus and I heard this booming loud message from God. It said, 'Your mission is done. Your mission is completed. You do not have to teach. You can do whatever you want from this point forward.' ... Then I thought... I want people to know my story, my near-death experience, so I started writing a book and I thought well maybe the book can be a platform where I can reach even more young women and men at college campuses. Maybe I can do more speaking events. More events where I can work with larger groups of people. And so that was where I thought the natural progression might go..." 



    "I went into the classroom believing that angels would work through me; believing that even if I met this kid who was a gangster and he was going to drop out, if I just gave him some information that might help his life later down the road, then I was doing a good job. I didn't look at success in the academic way of did he graduate; no, you never know what spiritual message, what imprint you're leaving on someone to help them in their life later. So I went in with a different idea of how I wanted to help students. Certainly I wanted them to stay in school and succeed and have great jobs -- all of those things, but I went into teaching with this pure love for all people so even the most rebellious, angry student, I was able to take my ego out of it and go 'What's going on with you ?'... And with that kind of energy you can transform people pretty quickly."


  • 48:43

    NDEr Robin Landsong at IANDS 2016

    by David Sunfellow (February 22)
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    Robin was abducted from the U.S. and taken to Rhodesia during the Bush War. When she was shot by Guerrilla Soldiers she began to die of blood loss. She was called back to life by an African woman's Medicine Calling Song.

    To learn more about near-death experiencer Robin Landsong, visit Rob's website.

    To contribute to the campaign to help Robin return to Zimbabwe, click here.

  • 34:01

    000078 A Choir of Angels

    by David Sunfellow (February 20)
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    The Music of Heaven
    By Near-Death Experiencer Nancy Rynes

    Original Link

    It's the moment after you leave your earthly life and you're about to take your first step in that spiritual realm some call "heaven." Perhaps a loved one is beside you, or maybe an angel, or even God. But you stop for a moment, totally entranced by what seems like a glorious sound. Music, but music unlike anything you've ever heard on earth.

    It's as if a billion beautiful and harmonious voices sing an ethereal melody that overlays an orchestra of gentle-sounding instruments that you cannot identify. Each voice in the chorus harmonizes with the rest, yet each is subtly different, too. Each individual, yet each a beautiful part of the whole. You can't make out the words they sing but somehow that doesn't matter. The music carries with it incredible love, peace, and joy that gently enters your spirit-body and cradles every bit of your being in its embrace.

    You know without a doubt that you are home.

    What IS the music that so many people report hearing during a near-death experience?

    We've heard reports of this heavenly music for millennia. It's not just those who died and came back who talk about the "angelic chorus." Hospice workers, physicians, nurses, caregivers of dying family members, those who are terminally ill, and many more report hearing this unearthly music.

    I can tell you from my own experience that heaven's music is unforgettable, indescribable, and has spoiled my love for most earthly song that I enjoyed before my time in heaven. But something you might not know is that I also heard heaven's chorus in November of 2000, fourteen years before my own experience of death.

    It was early in the morning of November 12, 2000, when I got the call that my father had passed. It wasn't a surprise -- he had been battling cancer for seven years and had slipped into a coma almost a week prior to his passing. I lived five hours away via automobile so by the time I arrived at my parents' home, it was about 10 AM. I opened the front door to enter their home and as the door swung open I heard a tremendous chorus of joyful, loving, ethereal voices. I started crying...I didn't know what I was hearing but nevertheless, it affected me deeply. At first I thought one of my family members had some music playing on the stereo but when I walked inside the home I saw my mother and brother, somber, in shock, and crying. But no music played on any stereo or radio. I felt confused and figured I was making it all up due to my own grief and shock. Remember, it was at this point in my life that I was an atheist so I didn't believe in anything like angels or God.

    Many years later I also heard this chorus during my own time in heaven in January of 2014. Many other NDErs come back talking of angelic music, too. It seems to be one of the defining characteristics of near-death experiences.

    What is that music, and what does it sound like?

    When I asked my heavenly guide what it was, she explained that the "music" wasn't exactly music as we on earth would define it. Heaven's music is beyond physical sound.

    Heaven's song is the collective heart-voices of the angels, masters, and other souls sending their love, gratitude, and joy back to Spirit. Heaven's song also contains the underlying "sound" or vibration of Divine love that flows out to all beings, everywhere.

    Heaven's song is the vibration of Divine love, gratitude, and joy that suffuses the spiritual realm.

    Because our spirit-bodies are not physical and don't have ears like our human bodies do, the senses that we're familiar with on earth don't really apply. Things overlap. We feel emotion almost as a forcefield. We see many layers of energy to all things, and perhaps down to the subatomic level. Feelings have color. Sounds have visuals. And the vibration of love and gratitude gets perceived as music (which is, after all, simply another type of vibration).

    Now for the hard part...what does heaven's music actually sound like?

    This is the closest I have been able to find...but still, it doesn't have quite the depth or breadth of what I heard.

    The other challenge we humans have in trying to recreate this music is that there aren't physical instruments like pianos or violins in heaven. That being said, the above music on YouTube should give you a basic idea of what I heard.


    To learn more about near-death experiencer Nancy Rynes, go here.

  • 13:27

    Gina Land Shares Her Near-Death Experience

    by David Sunfellow (February 19)
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    Gina Land, cancer survivor, shares her near-death experience.
  • 04:37

    Rabbi Describes Near-Death Experience

    by David Sunfellow (February 19)
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    An amazing story about a real near-death experience, teaching us how we can conquer all with LOVE. Rav Dror is from Jerusalem, Israel, and gives all of his classes from the Emunah Center located in the heart of Jerusalem. The website was started to spread his inspiring classes all over the world.
  • 01:31:51

    NDEr David Bennett: How Dying Saved My Life

    by Joao Lourenco (February 14)
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    David Bennett was once a brash young commercial diver and Chief Engineer of a Research Vessel. His harsh personal philosophy was “you cut your swath through life to survive.” But one night he was caught in a violent storm off the California coast where he drowned. While technically “dead,” he met beings of light, relived his life, and peeked into his future, all resulting in a complete paradigm shift for him. Later in life, he discovered he had stage IV lung and bone cancer—so advanced that his spine collapsed. Miraculously, he survived once again. These brushes with death taught him even more about living, loving, and how to find purpose in his life. Part lecture and part guide for achieving spiritual growth, this talk shows how to integrate the most traumatic of incidents into one’s spiritual path in order to live a more meaningful life.

    For more information about NDEr David Bennett, go here.

  • 32:34

    Stafford Betty, Ph.D. "Spirit Attachment, Possession, and Polte

    by Joao Lourenco (February 12)
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    Stafford Betty, Ph.D., speaker
  • 03:49

    000077 NDEr Dr. Ron Kennedy

    by David Sunfellow (January 30)
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    A San Francisco physician shares his near-death experience after being brutally attacked by a delusional friend.
  • 03:38

    000076 Blanca - Echo

    by David Sunfellow (January 26)
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    By Blanca

    One thousand four hundred and forty minutes
    Every day I gotta decide
    How am I gonna live it
    I’m gonna take a chance to be the difference
    Every day I want to find
    I’m alive for something

    More than what I planned
    Higher than my ways
    Greater than I am
    All for You

    I was made to leave a mark
    Carry fire in my heart
    No matter where I go
    I want my life to echo You
    I was meant to make You shine
    Be a reflection of Your light
    In everything I do
    I want my life to echo You, You, You
    To echo You, You, You

    I hear You calling me beyond my limits
    I gotta trust You’re enough
    I’m not alone, You are with me
    I wanna know that when the race is finished
    Every step, every breath
    I lived for something

    More than what I planned
    Higher than my ways
    Greater than I am
    This is all for You

    I was made to leave a mark
    Carry fire in my heart
    No matter where I go
    I want my life to echo You
    I was meant to make You shine
    Be a reflection of Your light
    In everything I do
    I want my life to echo You, You, You
    To echo You, You, You

    Whatever You ask
    Whatever You want
    Use me
    Choose me
    Wherever You go
    I wanna go too
    Till I echo, echo You
    Whatever You ask
    Whatever You want
    Use me for Your glory
    Wherever You go
    I wanna go too
    Till I echo, echo, echo, echo You

    I was made to leave a mark
    Carry fire in my heart
    No matter where I go
    I want my life to echo You
    I was meant to make You shine
    Be a reflection of Your light
    In everything I do
    I want my life to echo You, You, You
    To echo You, You, You

    Whatever You ask
    Whatever You want
    Use me
    Choose me
    Wherever You go
    I wanna go too
    ‘Till I echo, echo You
    Whatever You ask
    Whatever You want
    Use me for Your glory
    Wherever You go
    I wanna go too
    ‘Till I echo, echo, echo, echo You

  • 14:15

    Tricia Barker: Lessons From My NDE

    by David Sunfellow (January 24)
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    Tricia Barker describes what she learned from her near-death experience.

    Message #1: Be Open to Communication and Assistance From the Other Side

    Message #2: Be of Service to Others and Angels Might Work Through You

    Message #3: Be Open to Others and Don't Judge

    Message #3: Go to Nature

    Message #4: Be Like a Little Child

    Message #5: You Are Loved and You Are the Light

    Message #6: Be Good to Yourself and Others

    Message #7: Live a Purposeful Life

    Source: Messages from My NDE

  • 01:04:07

    Josh Lucion Shares His Near-Death Experience

    by David Sunfellow (January 24)
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    Owner of Elegant Flooring in Roanoke, Virginia, Josh Lucion shares about the accident and his near-death experience at the age of six. Although he was not expected to recover, miraculously he healed with no problems. As he grew up, he became inquisitive, eternally grateful and now is an incredibly wise soul. This is wonderful conversation!

    You can reach Josh by email at: or on Facebook:

    For more great WE DON'T DIE radio show episodes please visit

  • 48:43

    Robin Landsong at IANDS 2016 Near Death Experience

    by Joao Lourenco (January 20)
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    Childhood Near Death Experience told by Robin Landsong. Robin was abducted from the U.S. and taken to Rhodesia during the Bush War. When she was shot by Guerrilla Soldiers she began to die of blood loss. She was called back to life by an African woman's Medicine Calling Song.
  • 02:31

    John Burke: Paul and Near-Death Experiences (James Robison / LI

    by Joao Lourenco (January 20)
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    The author of "Imagine Heaven" explains why he believe the apostle Paul had a near-death experience. Original air date January 24, 2017. To watch the entire program, visit
  • 05:02

    Autistic Young Man (David Gillert) Near-Death Experience

    by David Sunfellow (January 13)
    44 0 0
    On the eve of the tenth anniversary of his oldest son's death, doctors told Todd Gillert that his autistic son, David, was not expected to live because a rare condition caused his skin to separate from his body. As he helplessly watched a helicopter carry his son into the cold night sky, Todd feared he would never see him alive again.

    In the quiet place between life and death (a special place between heaven and earth), David experienced amazing beauty in a glorious garden. In this place, his earthly disability completely vanished. Todd shares the amazing stories of angelic encounters David had in a realm where pain and suffering are replaced by beauty and contentment.

    David experienced a personal epiphany and saw the wonders of what awaits the occupants of heaven. His life was forever changed as his soul connected with the reality of being God's beloved child. God provided a second chance from heaven as He used this very unexpected event to redeem the lives of both a father and a son.


    A Second Chance from Heaven: A Near-Death Experience Restores Purpose for a Father and Son
    By Todd Gillert

  • 38:51

    Near Death Experiences and Mormonism

    by Joao Lourenco (January 11)
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    A "collage" of over 120 individual statements made by those that have experienced life after death. This is the story of all of us. It is the plan of salvation through the eyes of those that have had their eyes opened in death. It's told through the eyes of athiests, agnostics, Catholics, Muslims and various Christians faiths. I believe that each Near Death Experience (NDE) is trying to wake humanity up to its true nature and provide knowledge to help us back to God our Father. Jesus is the Christ. Knowing Him, following Him and fully accessing the enabling power of the Atonement and growing in Charity (The Pure love of Christ) is that path. PERSONAL DISCLAIMER: I am a "mormon'-christian covert from 35 years as a Non-denominational Christian. Individual interpretations of the NDEs will vary. This video shows many images overlapped with very personal NDE testimonies. This does NOT suggest that the interpretation of the NDE was truly meant to correlate to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and its teachings (example "Higher Laws and Ordinances" in this video may not be LDS Temple ordinances -- although a picture in the video seems to interpret it as such). NDEs should never be considered doctrine nor replace scripture study and following the Spirit's promptings. There are many experiences that explain spiritual concepts not fully vetted or taught in the Church. However, NDEs have supplemented MY spiritual journey on a number of levels prior to and after my conversion. While there are tremendous consistencies between NDE and mormon doctrines, there are also a number of Mormons that have had wonderful NDEs and left the church that are still spiritual giants. There are also non-mormons that have "mormon"-like NDEs that are perfectly content staying in their non-Mormon faith who are also spiritual giants. NDEs will never "prove" God and His perfect doctrines --- for that is not the way that Belief, Faith and Knowledge work. Agency is a precious gift and will ALWAYS be preserved as an eternal principle on Earth and in the Spirit World. We all have a responsibility to seek truth for ourselves and follow the principles to receive that truth outlined clearly in scripture (My favorite being Book of Mormon Alma 32: 17 and on).