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    NDEr Tricia Barker Interviewed On Wisdom From North

    by David Sunfellow (March 9, 2017)
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    Tricia Barker experienced a profound near-death experience during her senior year of college, and this experience guided her to teach overseas, in public schools, and at the college level. Currently, she teaches English and Creative Writing at a beautiful community college in Fort Worth, Texas. Many of the classrooms at Trinity River Campus overlook the beautiful Trinity River which reminds Tricia of images from her near-death experience. Tricia’s memoir in-progress, Healed, chronicles the moment of her accident, her near-death experience, and other moments of trauma that affect many women. The book focuses on being of service to the world as one way to heal from trauma. Tricia’s poetry has been published in several publications including The Binnacle, The Paterson Literary Review, and The Midwest Quarterly. 

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    "[After my NDE] I was so young, and innocent, and full of love -- this 22 year old young woman -- and I was oblivious to the darkness; I was oblivious to how to protect myself in this world. And I think part of my work is to remind young near-death experiencers how to protect themselves. Part of my story is kind of a tough story. I lived in this blissful, happy state of connection with everyone. I loved teaching and I loved my life so much, but when I was in South Korea, I was asleep in my bed and an acquaintance of a friend came in and raped me in this foreign country. I was shocked and horrified. I was this sensitive soul who was completely open to people. I tried to fight in that moment. It was totally shocking. The South Koreans look at foreign women in a different way than they look at South Korean women and all of my Korean female friends said don't even bother going to the police... so I just tried to spread the word as much as I could to other English teachers. Tell them that there are dangers that you might face and to really protect yourselves.

    "But in that moment in time, [I asked myself] did I manifest this? I went through this horrible moment where I thought I could I have brought this into my life? It took many years for me to realize that, no, I'm just a young woman who was walking through this world and I experienced this. And part of my journey is to heal it within myself and to help other people heal. So it is possible to heal, but it certainly took away a lot of that light and connection for a time. I felt like something was shot right through me and I could see my energetic form and it looked as if I had been shot. It looked like I had this wound that went through me. When I met with other rape victims and rape survivors, I saw that there were different levels of healing that had occurred, as if they were sewing themselves back together in a way. And it was beautiful, but it was also very painful because when you saw someone who was just wide open with that wound, then you saw that they had a long way to go; there's a lot of healing to be done. It's a long journey.

    "I didn't know why I was fated to have that until years later so many of my students -- male and female, even young boys and young girls -- would come to me and tell me their stories of being molested or raped. Sometimes in a crisis situation, I would have to call CPS [Child Protective Services] and deal with something that was going on in the home at that moment and I was so good in those crisis situations because I understood all those things that didn't happen for me I had to make sure that they were supported, they were loved, they called the police; I had to make sure that everything was done correctly and right for them. And so I can't tell you how many students I've met over the years from all ages -- from junior high, high school, and college, and at various levels of recovery from this. They were drawn to me. I was a safe person that they could talk to. And so that full circle. For many years, I was undoubtably angry and upset and I had to go through the whole healing process, but I realized whatever our wound are, they prepare us to be so much stronger and so much more loving in this world. So I clearly see what I didn't receive, I can give to others."



    "Two to three years ago I was walking up the stairs at my campus and I heard this booming loud message from God. It said, 'Your mission is done. Your mission is completed. You do not have to teach. You can do whatever you want from this point forward.' ... Then I thought... I want people to know my story, my near-death experience, so I started writing a book and I thought well maybe the book can be a platform where I can reach even more young women and men at college campuses. Maybe I can do more speaking events. More events where I can work with larger groups of people. And so that was where I thought the natural progression might go..." 



    "I went into the classroom believing that angels would work through me; believing that even if I met this kid who was a gangster and he was going to drop out, if I just gave him some information that might help his life later down the road, then I was doing a good job. I didn't look at success in the academic way of did he graduate; no, you never know what spiritual message, what imprint you're leaving on someone to help them in their life later. So I went in with a different idea of how I wanted to help students. Certainly I wanted them to stay in school and succeed and have great jobs -- all of those things, but I went into teaching with this pure love for all people so even the most rebellious, angry student, I was able to take my ego out of it and go 'What's going on with you ?'... And with that kind of energy you can transform people pretty quickly."


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    NDEr Tricia Barker: The Angels From My NDE

    by David Sunfellow (January 8, 2017)
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    Have you ever wondered if angels might work through you or others? I believe they do. One of the most vivid moments during my near death experience was my encounter with two large, androgynous, super intelligent angels/light beings. This moment in time made me more open-minded and aware of help that is available to us all from the angelic realm. I hope that you might have more moments where you feel angels working through you to benefit others or through others to benefit you in your healing and growth. May you be blessed! Here is an excerpt from my blog about the angels.

    If you are interested in the artwork in this video, the artist's name is Gurudarshan Khalsa and her website is called Art as Medicine. She used this type of artwork to heal from brain trauma and believes that art can be medicine. Here is her website:

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    Dr. Jan Holden: 30 Years Of NDE Research

    by David Sunfellow (January 8, 2017)
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    This video was designed to inform the audience about what is known about near-death experiences (NDEs) from 30 years of research. Covered the contents of NDEs, NDE after effects, and special topics such as children's NDEs and distressing NDEs. Also describes characteristics of people who have NDEs, the relationship of NDEs to the scriptures of the major world religions, veridical perception in NDEs (the paranormal aspect), explanatory models of NDEs, and application of NDE information to education and healthcare settings.

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    NDEr Nancy Rynes: Reintegrating After A Near-Death Experience

    by David Sunfellow (December 11, 2016)
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    Nancy Rynes - Awakening to Life: Reintegrating after a Near-Death Experience, 2016 IANDS Conference

    Nancy Rynes says: "After eye-opening, spiritually-transformative near-death experiences, many NDErs struggle during their return to human life. I was no different until I realized that my NDE itself gave me all of the tools I needed not only to reintegrate to human society, but to turn my life into one I have always wanted to live. In this presentation, I discuss the wisdom I was given during my NDE including: our power of choice, how gratitude and compassion can transform our lives and the world, the amazing gifts that we have here in the physical plane. I then give examples of how I used this wisdom to transform my own life, and ways that many of my family and friends have made changes for the better as well. I also present exercises that others can use to transform their human life, one step at a time, whether or not they have had an NDE."

    Quotes from Nancy's talk:

    "Everything is just as it should be. It is sad. But everything will be OK in the end."

    "You're my child. Welcome Home."

    "The point of all of this was for me to bring heaven into my own life and the lives of the people around me. And to anybody else who wanted to listen."

    "Connecting with others will be the key to your salvation."

    "IANDS saved my life."

    "This is really what helped me come out of my black hole: extending love to other people."

    "See love. Feel love. Be love."

    "Don't always be so flipping serious. Have fun. Play. Enjoy your life. That's what it is all about. You have a very finite amount of time to come here and enjoy who you are. So do it."


    Nancy's Profile Page
    Nancy's NDE Resource Page
    Nancy's Website:
    IANDS Website:
    IANDS conferences, visit

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    NDEr Jeff Olsen & NDE Researcher Dr. Bruce Greyson

    by David Sunfellow (December 2, 2016)
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    Dr. Bruce Greyson, a faculty member at the UVA Division of Perceptual Studies, presents his research on near-death experiences in the second half of this video. Prior to Dr. Greyson's presentation, we hear author Jeff Olsen describe his profound near-death experience.

    The UVA DOPS faculty gathered to offer public lectures at the Boston Museum of Science on September 17th, 2016, as part of a special one day event, "Do We Survive Death? A Look at the Evidence". This event was sponsored by Tracy Coen.

    The Division of Perceptual Studies (DOPS) is a research unit within the Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia Health System. The research faculty of the Division are known internationally for their expertise and research integrity in the investigation of phenomena relevant to the nature of consciousness and its relationship to the physical world.

    For more information about NDEr Jeff Olsen, go here.

    Jeff Olsen Quotes:

    "Share your experience and if you do people will heal."

    "Everything in perfect order no matter what it looks like here."

    "I can't heal and move on until you do. So live your life, be happy, and choose joy."

    Jeff's Book:

    I Knew Their Hearts: The Amazing True Story of a Journey Beyond the Veil to Learn the Silent Language of the Heart
    By Jeff Olsen

    Dr. Bruce Greyson Quotes:

    "The interpretation of the experience may vary from one culture to another, but the basic experience is the same over the centuries and around the globe."

    "In the 1890s, there was a flurry of activity about [near-death experiences] in French philosophy journals in which the term 'near-death experience' was first coined. The term 'near-death experience' in English was popularized by Raymond Moody who wrote a book in 1975 called 'Life After Life.' Before that book, virtually no one in the western hemisphere had heard of a near-death experience."

    "NDE memories are reliable over time and therefore retrospective research is reliable."

    "The dominant [NDE] model in the West for the past 40 years has been Raymond Moody's. But at the University of Virginia we've been collecting these reports from the early 1960s, many years before Moody wrote his book, telling us what's supposed to happen in the NDE. We compared 24 of the best cases we have from before 1975 when Moody wrote his book with 24 cases from the last decade, matched in terms of age, race, gender, religion, religiosity, how they came close to death, and how close to death they came. What we found was again that there's actually no difference... So the NDE reports are not influenced by the widespread knowledge of Moody's model."

    "Although the interpretation of NDEs may be influenced by your culture -- what metaphors you use to describe it -- the basic experience IS NOT determined by your culture."

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    Peter Panagore Shares His Near-Death Experience

    by David Sunfellow (November 18, 2016)
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    Peter Panagore was a college student ice climbing on his spring break when mistakes on the mountain caused him to die from hypothermia. Peter holds a bachelor’s degree in English from University of Massachusetts and a master of divinity from Yale University. He is a storyteller, writer, producer and on air talent who broadcasts on two television stations in Maine -- as minister of First Radio Parish Church of America, reaching 50,000 viewers daily. Peter also produces a statewide Sunday morning radio show: His stories have appeared in “Stories from a Soldier’s Heart” and "Chicken Soup for the Veteran’s Soul.” He is the author of 2 books, “Two Minutes for God” and “Heaven is Beautiful - How Dying Taught me that Death is Just the Beginning."

    • Peter Panagore Website
    • Peter Panagore on Facebook
    • Two Minutes for God (Book)
    • Heaven In Beautiful (Book)
    • Daily Devotions (Peter's Radio Show)
    • We Don't Die Radio (Sandra Champlain)

    To learn more about Peter, go here.

    Quotes from Peter:

    "If you're pining to have a near-death experience... I would say don't! This is not what you want. It may seem like a blessing but it is often a curse, as it is a blessing. It leaves one disassociated. It leaves one depressed. I went through a long period of depression. I live a life of non-attachment, not detachment, but non-attachment. My connectivity is to the other side, not so much here."


    "Every moment of every day God is present to me. I feel less isolated, but there are times that I know that my thinking and eccentric behavior makes me the strange one. I like to be out in nature, because out in nature, the purity of God’s spirit pervades all things, plants, water, sky, stone, and animals. Out there, I feel most at home.

    "One day when I was in Manhattan for a few days of work, I went out for a long walk and I prayed. I began to feel the spirit of peace, of contentment and presence that I feel when I walk in the woods and I realized that it was coming from the people around me on the sidewalks. They were nature and radiating the presence of [God] as a tree would, as stone might, as a songbird’s song does. I walked for hours through the mass of humanity as if immersed in the wilderness where the spirit of God is strongest."

  • 15:49

    NDEr Tricia Barker: NDE Aftereffects

    by David Sunfellow (November 6, 2016)
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    Tricia Barker discusses common psychological/spiritual changes after a NDE including becoming less materialistic, experiencing out of body episodes, psychic abilities, increased intuition, childlike states of love for all people, and electrical sensitivities and energy surges which affect technology. Most NDErs immediately feel like an immortal soul residing in a material form. The material form does not hold the same significance. Many NDErs no longer fear death and want to be of service to others if only to remind others of their connection to the world beyond form. In many ways, NDErs become more childlike and have to learn how to live again as many of the old rules for living no longer apply or make sense. They have to integrate a profound experience into the reality of their day to day lives. This video goes over a few of the aftereffects Tricia experienced, especially in the three years after her NDE. For more information, please check out her website at
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    Charlotte Martial: Memories & Personal Changes After An NDE

    by David Sunfellow (November 5, 2016)
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    Characteristics of NDE Memories and Personal Changes Following an NDE -- Charlotte Martial, 2016 IANDS Conference.

    For many Near-Death Experience experiencers, an NDE permanently and dramatically alters personal attitudes, beliefs, and values. We studied their self-reported answers regarding impact on life and changes of opinion (concerning meaning of life, death, altruism, religion, and spirituality) following the NDE. Moreover, this retrospective investigation compared the answers of experiencers who lived NDEs after a non-life-threatening event (i.e., “NDE-like” experience) or after a pathological coma (i.e., “real NDE”). 106 NDE experiencers (i.e., Greyson NDE scale total score 7 or more out of 32) were invited to answer a questionnaire on demographic and clinical data and subjective changes with Likert scales, whose +3 and -3 anchors were positive changes and negative changes, respectively. 71 experiencers (67%) responded to the structured questionnaire. 61 (86%) of them reported a positive effect on their life (rating over 0,median+3). The large majority of participants declared that NDE leads to positive changes in meaning of life (79%; rating over 0,median+3), death acceptance (89%; rating over 0,median+3), altruism (80%; rating over 0,median+3), religion (38%; rating over 0,median+1), and spirituality (66%; rating over 0,median+3). Percentages did not significantly differ between “NDE-like” (n=14) and “real NDE” (n=57) groups. Our findings showed that, for the majority of experiencers, NDE has a positive impact on life and their self-reported changes meet the definition of spiritual transformation (Schwartz, 2000). Lastly, it appears that self-reported opinions of “real NDE” group are similar to those of “NDE-like” group.

    Charlotte's website:

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    Dr. Laurin Bellg: Near-Death Experiences In The ICU

    by David Sunfellow (November 3, 2016)
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    Near-Death Experiences in the Intensive Care Unit -- Laurin Bellg, 2016 IANDS Conference
    (The first 15 seconds of this video are audio-only).

    For twenty years, Dr. Laurin Bellg has worked with patients in the intensive care unit who have near-death and out-of-body experiences during sudden cardiac death and severe trauma. Many of those accounts have been documented in her book Near Death in the ICU: Stories From Patients Near Death And Why We Should Listen To Them.

    These experiences are profoundly meaningful, yet when they are reported, they are frequently met with skepticism and dismissal by medical caregivers and family members. Dr. Bellg maintains that we don’t have to fully understand these events to honor the transformative role they often play in the lives of those who experience them. A thought leader in the area of working with patients who’ve had near-death experiences, Dr. Bellg has been a keynote speaker at many venues throughout the United States. Her presentations are popular for their strong story telling and thought-provoking message on the importance of honoring personal experience as a part of healing.

    Dr. Laurin Bellg's Website

    For more information on near-death experiences, visit IANDS.

    For information about IANDS conferences, click here.
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    Unraveling The Mystery Of Hyper Vivid NDE Memory

    by David Sunfellow (October 31, 2016)
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    Unraveling the Mystery of Memory: EEG evidence from NDErs -- Robert Mays and Suzanne Mays, 2016 IANDS Conference

    Near-death experiencers (NDErs) report that the memory of their NDE is more vivid and lucid than ordinary memories. Two recent analyses of NDE memories showed that they have significantly more characteristics, like visual details, memory clarity, self-referential information (being involved in the event) and emotional content than both memories of real events and imagined events. In addition, the EEG patterns in NDErs differ significantly in several characteristics when the NDErs recall their NDE than non-NDErs when they recall real or imagined events. The hypothesis that the non-material mind separates from the physical body during an NDE is consistent with these findings. According to the hypothesis, when the mind is separated from the body, sensations are experienced directly rather than through the physical senses and the memories are recorded directly in the mind rather than through the hippocampus. The recall of NDE memories would then use different pathways and electrical patterns than ordinary recall of episodic memories. Indeed, we hypothesize that the recall of NDE memories involves an altered state of consciousness which is more like a re-living of the experience than simply recalling a series of events. The evidence from NDEs supports the idea that memories in general are stored in the non-material mind rather than as pattern encodings in neural structures. Ordinary episodic memories are recorded in the mind through pathways in the hippocampus and are recalled again from the mind through reverse hippocampal pathways that reactivate the same sensory and mental neural components, but at a lower intensity.

    More about Robert and Suzanne Mays' research:

    For more information on near-death experiences, visit

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