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    000078 A Choir of Angels

    by David Sunfellow (February 20, 2017)
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    The Music of Heaven
    By Near-Death Experiencer Nancy Rynes

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    It's the moment after you leave your earthly life and you're about to take your first step in that spiritual realm some call "heaven." Perhaps a loved one is beside you, or maybe an angel, or even God. But you stop for a moment, totally entranced by what seems like a glorious sound. Music, but music unlike anything you've ever heard on earth.

    It's as if a billion beautiful and harmonious voices sing an ethereal melody that overlays an orchestra of gentle-sounding instruments that you cannot identify. Each voice in the chorus harmonizes with the rest, yet each is subtly different, too. Each individual, yet each a beautiful part of the whole. You can't make out the words they sing but somehow that doesn't matter. The music carries with it incredible love, peace, and joy that gently enters your spirit-body and cradles every bit of your being in its embrace.

    You know without a doubt that you are home.

    What IS the music that so many people report hearing during a near-death experience?

    We've heard reports of this heavenly music for millennia. It's not just those who died and came back who talk about the "angelic chorus." Hospice workers, physicians, nurses, caregivers of dying family members, those who are terminally ill, and many more report hearing this unearthly music.

    I can tell you from my own experience that heaven's music is unforgettable, indescribable, and has spoiled my love for most earthly song that I enjoyed before my time in heaven. But something you might not know is that I also heard heaven's chorus in November of 2000, fourteen years before my own experience of death.

    It was early in the morning of November 12, 2000, when I got the call that my father had passed. It wasn't a surprise -- he had been battling cancer for seven years and had slipped into a coma almost a week prior to his passing. I lived five hours away via automobile so by the time I arrived at my parents' home, it was about 10 AM. I opened the front door to enter their home and as the door swung open I heard a tremendous chorus of joyful, loving, ethereal voices. I started crying...I didn't know what I was hearing but nevertheless, it affected me deeply. At first I thought one of my family members had some music playing on the stereo but when I walked inside the home I saw my mother and brother, somber, in shock, and crying. But no music played on any stereo or radio. I felt confused and figured I was making it all up due to my own grief and shock. Remember, it was at this point in my life that I was an atheist so I didn't believe in anything like angels or God.

    Many years later I also heard this chorus during my own time in heaven in January of 2014. Many other NDErs come back talking of angelic music, too. It seems to be one of the defining characteristics of near-death experiences.

    What is that music, and what does it sound like?

    When I asked my heavenly guide what it was, she explained that the "music" wasn't exactly music as we on earth would define it. Heaven's music is beyond physical sound.

    Heaven's song is the collective heart-voices of the angels, masters, and other souls sending their love, gratitude, and joy back to Spirit. Heaven's song also contains the underlying "sound" or vibration of Divine love that flows out to all beings, everywhere.

    Heaven's song is the vibration of Divine love, gratitude, and joy that suffuses the spiritual realm.

    Because our spirit-bodies are not physical and don't have ears like our human bodies do, the senses that we're familiar with on earth don't really apply. Things overlap. We feel emotion almost as a forcefield. We see many layers of energy to all things, and perhaps down to the subatomic level. Feelings have color. Sounds have visuals. And the vibration of love and gratitude gets perceived as music (which is, after all, simply another type of vibration).

    Now for the hard part...what does heaven's music actually sound like?

    This is the closest I have been able to find...but still, it doesn't have quite the depth or breadth of what I heard.

    The other challenge we humans have in trying to recreate this music is that there aren't physical instruments like pianos or violins in heaven. That being said, the above music on YouTube should give you a basic idea of what I heard.


    To learn more about near-death experiencer Nancy Rynes, go here.

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    Tricia Barker: Lessons From My NDE

    by David Sunfellow (January 24, 2017)
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    Tricia Barker describes what she learned from her near-death experience.

    Message #1: Be Open to Communication and Assistance From the Other Side

    Message #2: Be of Service to Others and Angels Might Work Through You

    Message #3: Be Open to Others and Don't Judge

    Message #3: Go to Nature

    Message #4: Be Like a Little Child

    Message #5: You Are Loved and You Are the Light

    Message #6: Be Good to Yourself and Others

    Message #7: Live a Purposeful Life

    Source: Messages from My NDE

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    NDEr Nancy Rynes: Reintegrating After A Near-Death Experience

    by David Sunfellow (December 11, 2016)
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    Nancy Rynes - Awakening to Life: Reintegrating after a Near-Death Experience, 2016 IANDS Conference

    Nancy Rynes says: "After eye-opening, spiritually-transformative near-death experiences, many NDErs struggle during their return to human life. I was no different until I realized that my NDE itself gave me all of the tools I needed not only to reintegrate to human society, but to turn my life into one I have always wanted to live. In this presentation, I discuss the wisdom I was given during my NDE including: our power of choice, how gratitude and compassion can transform our lives and the world, the amazing gifts that we have here in the physical plane. I then give examples of how I used this wisdom to transform my own life, and ways that many of my family and friends have made changes for the better as well. I also present exercises that others can use to transform their human life, one step at a time, whether or not they have had an NDE."

    Quotes from Nancy's talk:

    "Everything is just as it should be. It is sad. But everything will be OK in the end."

    "You're my child. Welcome Home."

    "The point of all of this was for me to bring heaven into my own life and the lives of the people around me. And to anybody else who wanted to listen."

    "Connecting with others will be the key to your salvation."

    "IANDS saved my life."

    "This is really what helped me come out of my black hole: extending love to other people."

    "See love. Feel love. Be love."

    "Don't always be so flipping serious. Have fun. Play. Enjoy your life. That's what it is all about. You have a very finite amount of time to come here and enjoy who you are. So do it."


    Nancy's Profile Page
    Nancy's NDE Resource Page
    Nancy's Website:
    IANDS Website:
    IANDS conferences, visit

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    Nancy Rynes Talks About Her Near-Death Experience

    by David Sunfellow (December 2, 2016)
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    Nancy Rynes talks about her near-death experience and communicating with spirit. To learn more about Nancy, go here (a resource page about Nancy) and here (Nancy's Profile Page on this network).



    "What was the most unexpected thing you learned about yourself when you were on the other side?"


    "That I am worthy of my own love... Before my NDE I really didn't like myself very much. At some points in my life, I really kind of hated myself. I didn't have much self love. I was an atheist so I didn't really believe in my own divine center inside of me, that connection The Divine Presence. So I think that whole chunk where I learned what I truly was in connection with The Divine Presence, that I was worthy of my own love, was the biggest shocker to me. Really, I'm a part of this? I'm not separate from this? This isn't another entity out there. I'm connected to this spiritual source? That's beautiful. And that's part of me. That was amazing to me."

    (27:41 - 28:59)

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    NDEr Yvonne Sneeden Describes Her Encounter With Jesus

    by Joao Lourenco (November 27, 2016)
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    Ted Slipchinsky's full interview with near-death experiencer Yvonne Sneeden, in which she describes her encounter with Jesus.

    For information about NDEr Yvonne Sneeden, go here.