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  • 30:42

    Karen Thomas Discusses Her Near-Death Experience

    by David Sunfellow (March 15, 2017)
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    Karen Thomas shares her NDE story from July 7, 1982 – and the verification of her out-of-body perceptions. The surgeon saved her life and Karen was able to verify with him what she had seen while out-of-body. Recently, Karen followed up with the surgeon again and he remembers that day even after nearly 35 years, and remembers some of their later conversation. Karen experienced a vision of prayers, which appeared like “musical notes” that she saw rising up to her from people praying for her -- especially the prayer of her 9-year-old daughter.

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  • 44:40

    NDEr Tricia Barker Interviewed On Wisdom From North

    by David Sunfellow (March 9, 2017)
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    Tricia Barker experienced a profound near-death experience during her senior year of college, and this experience guided her to teach overseas, in public schools, and at the college level. Currently, she teaches English and Creative Writing at a beautiful community college in Fort Worth, Texas. Many of the classrooms at Trinity River Campus overlook the beautiful Trinity River which reminds Tricia of images from her near-death experience. Tricia’s memoir in-progress, Healed, chronicles the moment of her accident, her near-death experience, and other moments of trauma that affect many women. The book focuses on being of service to the world as one way to heal from trauma. Tricia’s poetry has been published in several publications including The Binnacle, The Paterson Literary Review, and The Midwest Quarterly. 

    • Tricia's Profile Page
    • Tricia's Website
    • Tricia on Facebook
    Tricia on Twitter

    • Wisdom From North on Facebook
    • Wisdom From North Website


    "[After my NDE] I was so young, and innocent, and full of love -- this 22 year old young woman -- and I was oblivious to the darkness; I was oblivious to how to protect myself in this world. And I think part of my work is to remind young near-death experiencers how to protect themselves. Part of my story is kind of a tough story. I lived in this blissful, happy state of connection with everyone. I loved teaching and I loved my life so much, but when I was in South Korea, I was asleep in my bed and an acquaintance of a friend came in and raped me in this foreign country. I was shocked and horrified. I was this sensitive soul who was completely open to people. I tried to fight in that moment. It was totally shocking. The South Koreans look at foreign women in a different way than they look at South Korean women and all of my Korean female friends said don't even bother going to the police... so I just tried to spread the word as much as I could to other English teachers. Tell them that there are dangers that you might face and to really protect yourselves.

    "But in that moment in time, [I asked myself] did I manifest this? I went through this horrible moment where I thought I could I have brought this into my life? It took many years for me to realize that, no, I'm just a young woman who was walking through this world and I experienced this. And part of my journey is to heal it within myself and to help other people heal. So it is possible to heal, but it certainly took away a lot of that light and connection for a time. I felt like something was shot right through me and I could see my energetic form and it looked as if I had been shot. It looked like I had this wound that went through me. When I met with other rape victims and rape survivors, I saw that there were different levels of healing that had occurred, as if they were sewing themselves back together in a way. And it was beautiful, but it was also very painful because when you saw someone who was just wide open with that wound, then you saw that they had a long way to go; there's a lot of healing to be done. It's a long journey.

    "I didn't know why I was fated to have that until years later so many of my students -- male and female, even young boys and young girls -- would come to me and tell me their stories of being molested or raped. Sometimes in a crisis situation, I would have to call CPS [Child Protective Services] and deal with something that was going on in the home at that moment and I was so good in those crisis situations because I understood all those things that didn't happen for me I had to make sure that they were supported, they were loved, they called the police; I had to make sure that everything was done correctly and right for them. And so I can't tell you how many students I've met over the years from all ages -- from junior high, high school, and college, and at various levels of recovery from this. They were drawn to me. I was a safe person that they could talk to. And so that full circle. For many years, I was undoubtably angry and upset and I had to go through the whole healing process, but I realized whatever our wound are, they prepare us to be so much stronger and so much more loving in this world. So I clearly see what I didn't receive, I can give to others."



    "Two to three years ago I was walking up the stairs at my campus and I heard this booming loud message from God. It said, 'Your mission is done. Your mission is completed. You do not have to teach. You can do whatever you want from this point forward.' ... Then I thought... I want people to know my story, my near-death experience, so I started writing a book and I thought well maybe the book can be a platform where I can reach even more young women and men at college campuses. Maybe I can do more speaking events. More events where I can work with larger groups of people. And so that was where I thought the natural progression might go..." 



    "I went into the classroom believing that angels would work through me; believing that even if I met this kid who was a gangster and he was going to drop out, if I just gave him some information that might help his life later down the road, then I was doing a good job. I didn't look at success in the academic way of did he graduate; no, you never know what spiritual message, what imprint you're leaving on someone to help them in their life later. So I went in with a different idea of how I wanted to help students. Certainly I wanted them to stay in school and succeed and have great jobs -- all of those things, but I went into teaching with this pure love for all people so even the most rebellious, angry student, I was able to take my ego out of it and go 'What's going on with you ?'... And with that kind of energy you can transform people pretty quickly."


  • 14:15

    Tricia Barker: Lessons From My NDE

    by David Sunfellow (January 24, 2017)
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    Tricia Barker describes what she learned from her near-death experience.

    Message #1: Be Open to Communication and Assistance From the Other Side

    Message #2: Be of Service to Others and Angels Might Work Through You

    Message #3: Be Open to Others and Don't Judge

    Message #3: Go to Nature

    Message #4: Be Like a Little Child

    Message #5: You Are Loved and You Are the Light

    Message #6: Be Good to Yourself and Others

    Message #7: Live a Purposeful Life

    Source: Messages from My NDE

  • 26:19

    NDEr Rajiv Parti Interview With Lynn Fish

    by David Sunfellow (January 3, 2017)
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    Dr Rajiv Parti shares candidly about his visit to a hellish realm after dying during surgery. His journey changed the destiny of his life. He talks about the following:

    - What does hell feel like?

    - The life reviews that covered not only this life but two past lives

    - How past lives reveal themselves in this one

    - What is the key to transcending unresolved issues from past lives

    - How do we communicate in the spiritual realms

    - What are the 7 eternal truths that everyone needs to know

    Dr. Rajiv Parti Website
    NDE Stories on Dr. Rajiv Parti
    NDEs & Hell

    The SSF-IIIHS Conference is the longest running 10 day yearly summit in North America featuring the best of science and spirituality.

  • 08:08

    NDEr Matt: God Spoke Like Thunder

    by David Sunfellow (December 24, 2016)
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    Matt describes being electrocuted and what happened after his body died. Matt experienced a life review and heard God speak to him like thunder.
  • 58:25

    Amy Call - My NDE Showed Me There Is Order In Chaos

    by Thomas Spitzer (December 24, 2016)
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    My NDE Showed Me There is Order in [Apparent] Chaos -- Amy Call, 2014 IANDS Conference

    Amy Call had a profound near-death experience in 2003 as a result of an allergic reaction to medication. Amy will discuss her experience, including that of coming through a portal and encountering two major aspects of herself: one part of self was egoic self or personality self, reflective of who she was in Earth life. The other self she encountered was universal, timeless and part of the all. Both experiences seemed to occur simultaneously. Amy learned the importance of humility in the egoic portal area. She met a young woman who had died at about the same time Amy did. She gave Amy information about herself and her death telepathically. After Amy came back to her body, she was able to find the young woman’s mother and let her know her daughter was alright. Amy will also discuss her life review, where she came to understand love through its highest frequency, and the importance of forgiveness. She will relate how she learned to care for herself, heal herself as well as relate information she was given regarding our planet. Amy will also share some after death experiences that occurred after her return to her body.

    Memorable Quote:

    "True learning happens in the body. This is a big deal to me personally because so much of my life was about wanting to escape the body and wanting that for other people. I also grew up hearing that when you die you get to take off that glove; you get to be free and so I thought that here [in this world] is the more negative, that there [on the other side of life] is the more positive. The understanding in this place -- as hard as it is to see and understand -- is that true learning happens within the body because when we are in experience, in this form, there is something that evolves within us at the level of the soul that makes the body an important part of the whole. It isn't that one is good and one is bad. The two work together in an important way. That was very healing for me personally, to come to a better understanding."

    To learn more about Amy Call, go here.

    To learn more about what near-death experiences have to say about the purpose of life, go here.

    To learn more about IANDS, go here.

    To learn more about IANDS conferences, go here.

  • 56:44

    NDEr Nancy Rynes: Reintegrating After A Near-Death Experience

    by David Sunfellow (December 11, 2016)
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    Nancy Rynes - Awakening to Life: Reintegrating after a Near-Death Experience, 2016 IANDS Conference

    Nancy Rynes says: "After eye-opening, spiritually-transformative near-death experiences, many NDErs struggle during their return to human life. I was no different until I realized that my NDE itself gave me all of the tools I needed not only to reintegrate to human society, but to turn my life into one I have always wanted to live. In this presentation, I discuss the wisdom I was given during my NDE including: our power of choice, how gratitude and compassion can transform our lives and the world, the amazing gifts that we have here in the physical plane. I then give examples of how I used this wisdom to transform my own life, and ways that many of my family and friends have made changes for the better as well. I also present exercises that others can use to transform their human life, one step at a time, whether or not they have had an NDE."

    Quotes from Nancy's talk:

    "Everything is just as it should be. It is sad. But everything will be OK in the end."

    "You're my child. Welcome Home."

    "The point of all of this was for me to bring heaven into my own life and the lives of the people around me. And to anybody else who wanted to listen."

    "Connecting with others will be the key to your salvation."

    "IANDS saved my life."

    "This is really what helped me come out of my black hole: extending love to other people."

    "See love. Feel love. Be love."

    "Don't always be so flipping serious. Have fun. Play. Enjoy your life. That's what it is all about. You have a very finite amount of time to come here and enjoy who you are. So do it."


    Nancy's Profile Page
    Nancy's NDE Resource Page
    Nancy's Website:
    IANDS Website:
    IANDS conferences, visit

  • 32:28

    NDEr Howard Storm - Part I & II: The Chains We Forge...

    by David Sunfellow (December 3, 2016)
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    In the mid 1980's Howard Storm had a near-death experience. It did not start out with the chorus of angels we commonly hear about. Howard descended into a hellish state of his own making. But he was saved by Love and a faith that he had spent his entire life up to that point rejecting.

    In Parts I & II, Howard talks about his death, descent into a hellish state and rescue by Jesus and his Angels.

    For more information about NDEr Howard Storm, go here.

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    To learn more about NDEs that include encounter with Jesus, go here and here.

  • 17:38

    NDEr Howard Storm - Part III: A Million Questions

    by David Sunfellow (December 3, 2016)
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    In the mid 1980's Howard Storm had a near-death experience. It did not start out with the chorus of angels we commonly hear about. Howard descended into a hellish state of his own making. But he was saved by Love and a faith that he had spent his entire life up to that point rejecting.

    In Part III, Howard talk about the experience of being with Christ and the Angels and the amazing things they showed him about his life, humanity's future, like elsewhere in the universe and how we can all contribute to a plan of loving kindness to our fellow man.

    For more information about NDEr Howard Storm, go here.

    To learn more about hellish and distressing near-death experiences, go here

    To learn more about NDEs that include encounter with Jesus, go here and here.

  • 30:39

    NDEr Howard Storm - Part IV: Reflection Of A Life In Christ

    by David Sunfellow (December 3, 2016)
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    In the mid 1980's Howard Storm had a near-death experience. It did not start out with the chorus of angels we commonly hear about. Howard descended into a hellish state of his own making. But he was saved by Love and a faith that he had spent his entire life up to that point rejecting.

    In Part IV of my interview with Howard, I talk with him about how his life has changed and his advice to us on the illusions of fear of death, the nature of depression on the soul, life elsewhere in the universe and ways to live freely within God's Love.

    For more information about NDEr Howard Storm, go here.

    To learn more about hellish and distressing near-death experiences, go here

    To learn more about NDEs that include encounter with Jesus, go here and here.

  • 59:25

    Researcher Christophor Coppes: Don’t Turn NDEs Into A New Relig...

    by David Sunfellow (December 2, 2016)
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    Please, don’t turn near-death experiences into a new religion -- Bob Coppes, 2016 IANDS Conference

    There are many different NDEs. Not one is equal to another. Yet, there are a limited number of wonderful common themes in NDEs that can be of great help to heal NDErs and non-NDErs. These common themes when adopted by a sufficient number of people (a critical mass) can even heal the world. However, some people who study NDEs (including those who have had an NDE themselves) tend to create their own theory of how the visible and invisible world is constructed. And in doing so they sometimes go much further than the limited number of common NDE themes justify. This carries the danger of creating a new sort of religion, which will significantly reduce the value that NDEs could have for everyone and the world.

    • Bob Coppes Website
    IANDS Conferences

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  • 51:36

    NDEr Jeff Olsen & NDE Researcher Dr. Bruce Greyson

    by David Sunfellow (December 2, 2016)
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    Dr. Bruce Greyson, a faculty member at the UVA Division of Perceptual Studies, presents his research on near-death experiences in the second half of this video. Prior to Dr. Greyson's presentation, we hear author Jeff Olsen describe his profound near-death experience.

    The UVA DOPS faculty gathered to offer public lectures at the Boston Museum of Science on September 17th, 2016, as part of a special one day event, "Do We Survive Death? A Look at the Evidence". This event was sponsored by Tracy Coen.

    The Division of Perceptual Studies (DOPS) is a research unit within the Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia Health System. The research faculty of the Division are known internationally for their expertise and research integrity in the investigation of phenomena relevant to the nature of consciousness and its relationship to the physical world.

    For more information about NDEr Jeff Olsen, go here.

    Jeff Olsen Quotes:

    "Share your experience and if you do people will heal."

    "Everything in perfect order no matter what it looks like here."

    "I can't heal and move on until you do. So live your life, be happy, and choose joy."

    Jeff's Book:

    I Knew Their Hearts: The Amazing True Story of a Journey Beyond the Veil to Learn the Silent Language of the Heart
    By Jeff Olsen

    Dr. Bruce Greyson Quotes:

    "The interpretation of the experience may vary from one culture to another, but the basic experience is the same over the centuries and around the globe."

    "In the 1890s, there was a flurry of activity about [near-death experiences] in French philosophy journals in which the term 'near-death experience' was first coined. The term 'near-death experience' in English was popularized by Raymond Moody who wrote a book in 1975 called 'Life After Life.' Before that book, virtually no one in the western hemisphere had heard of a near-death experience."

    "NDE memories are reliable over time and therefore retrospective research is reliable."

    "The dominant [NDE] model in the West for the past 40 years has been Raymond Moody's. But at the University of Virginia we've been collecting these reports from the early 1960s, many years before Moody wrote his book, telling us what's supposed to happen in the NDE. We compared 24 of the best cases we have from before 1975 when Moody wrote his book with 24 cases from the last decade, matched in terms of age, race, gender, religion, religiosity, how they came close to death, and how close to death they came. What we found was again that there's actually no difference... So the NDE reports are not influenced by the widespread knowledge of Moody's model."

    "Although the interpretation of NDEs may be influenced by your culture -- what metaphors you use to describe it -- the basic experience IS NOT determined by your culture."

  • 38:20

    Nancy Rynes Talks About Her Near-Death Experience

    by David Sunfellow (December 2, 2016)
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    Nancy Rynes talks about her near-death experience and communicating with spirit. To learn more about Nancy, go here (a resource page about Nancy) and here (Nancy's Profile Page on this network).



    "What was the most unexpected thing you learned about yourself when you were on the other side?"


    "That I am worthy of my own love... Before my NDE I really didn't like myself very much. At some points in my life, I really kind of hated myself. I didn't have much self love. I was an atheist so I didn't really believe in my own divine center inside of me, that connection The Divine Presence. So I think that whole chunk where I learned what I truly was in connection with The Divine Presence, that I was worthy of my own love, was the biggest shocker to me. Really, I'm a part of this? I'm not separate from this? This isn't another entity out there. I'm connected to this spiritual source? That's beautiful. And that's part of me. That was amazing to me."

    (27:41 - 28:59)

  • 27:57

    NDEr Jeff Olsen On NDE Radio With Lee Witting

    by David Sunfellow (November 30, 2016)
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    In 1997 Jeff Olsen's life was changed drastically after losing his wife and son in an automobile accident. While on the other-side, Jeff was told by his deceased wife to return and continue his life on earth. Jeff now spends his time sharing his detailed experience with people around the world. 

    For more information about NDEr Jeff Olsen, click here.

    To learn more about Lee Witting and NDE Radio, click here.

    To learn more about IANDS, click here.

  • 01:31:30

    Peter Panagore Shares His Near-Death Experience

    by David Sunfellow (November 18, 2016)
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    Peter Panagore was a college student ice climbing on his spring break when mistakes on the mountain caused him to die from hypothermia. Peter holds a bachelor’s degree in English from University of Massachusetts and a master of divinity from Yale University. He is a storyteller, writer, producer and on air talent who broadcasts on two television stations in Maine -- as minister of First Radio Parish Church of America, reaching 50,000 viewers daily. Peter also produces a statewide Sunday morning radio show: His stories have appeared in “Stories from a Soldier’s Heart” and "Chicken Soup for the Veteran’s Soul.” He is the author of 2 books, “Two Minutes for God” and “Heaven is Beautiful - How Dying Taught me that Death is Just the Beginning."

    • Peter Panagore Website
    • Peter Panagore on Facebook
    • Two Minutes for God (Book)
    • Heaven In Beautiful (Book)
    • Daily Devotions (Peter's Radio Show)
    • We Don't Die Radio (Sandra Champlain)

    To learn more about Peter, go here.

    Quotes from Peter:

    "If you're pining to have a near-death experience... I would say don't! This is not what you want. It may seem like a blessing but it is often a curse, as it is a blessing. It leaves one disassociated. It leaves one depressed. I went through a long period of depression. I live a life of non-attachment, not detachment, but non-attachment. My connectivity is to the other side, not so much here."


    "Every moment of every day God is present to me. I feel less isolated, but there are times that I know that my thinking and eccentric behavior makes me the strange one. I like to be out in nature, because out in nature, the purity of God’s spirit pervades all things, plants, water, sky, stone, and animals. Out there, I feel most at home.

    "One day when I was in Manhattan for a few days of work, I went out for a long walk and I prayed. I began to feel the spirit of peace, of contentment and presence that I feel when I walk in the woods and I realized that it was coming from the people around me on the sidewalks. They were nature and radiating the presence of [God] as a tree would, as stone might, as a songbird’s song does. I walked for hours through the mass of humanity as if immersed in the wilderness where the spirit of God is strongest."

  • 57:31

    Researcher Gregory Shushan: NDEs & The Origin Of Afterlife Beli...

    by David Sunfellow (November 10, 2016)
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    Near-Death Experience and the Origin of Afterlife Beliefs -- Gregory Shushan, 2016 IANDS Conference

    Whatever their source (biological, psychological, and/or metaphysical), NDEs are unquestionably part of human experience. While they share similar themes wherever they occur, no two descriptions are exactly alike. As with any experience, NDEs are filtered through our layers of culture, language, and individuality. The interpretation of the phenomenon as indicative of survival after bodily death, however, appears to be universal. Accounts from around the world and throughout history show that NDEs regularly impact beliefs about the afterlife, despite cross-cultural differences. This presentation addresses their role in the formation of afterlife beliefs; the relationship between NDEs and cultural expectations; and the varying modes of interpretation and assimilation of these experiences in different societies. The argument that NDEs are a driving force behind religious beliefs aligns well with the conference’s focus on the transformative aspects of NDEs, and how they are integrated into people’s lives.

    Visit his web site:

    For more information on near-death experiences, visit

    For information about IANDS conferences, visit

  • 43:01

    Jeffrey Mishlove Interviews NDE Researcher Kenneth Ring

    by David Sunfellow (November 5, 2016)
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    Psychologist Jeffrey Mishlove interviews renowned near-death experience researcher Kenneth Ring. To learn more about Kenneth Ring, go here: To learn more about near-death experiences, go here: NHNE's Formula Website NHNE's NDE Network
  • 08:04

    000074 Jeffrey Mishlove Interviews Raymond Moody

    by David Sunfellow (November 5, 2016)
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    This 8-minute excerpt comes from an old Thinking Allowed program. Host Jeffrey Mishlove interviews Dr. Raymond Moody. What is the Character and quality of the near-death experience? Do such experiences represent an authentic encounter with a world beyond, or are they an artifact of our brain's activity? The common qualities of the near-death experience include feelings of profound peace, out-of-body sensation, meeting with "beings of light" and with one's deceased relatives, reviewing on's life and a reluctance to return. Dr. Moody explores the significance of these experiences for our understanding of the collective unconscious, emphasizing the value of wisdom and love as being primary in human life.

    To learn more about the program that featured this interview, go here.

    To learn more about Dr. Raymond Moody, go here.

    YouTube Link: