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    NDEr Nancy Rynes: Reintegrating After A Near-Death Experience

    by David Sunfellow (December 11, 2016)
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    Nancy Rynes - Awakening to Life: Reintegrating after a Near-Death Experience, 2016 IANDS Conference

    Nancy Rynes says: "After eye-opening, spiritually-transformative near-death experiences, many NDErs struggle during their return to human life. I was no different until I realized that my NDE itself gave me all of the tools I needed not only to reintegrate to human society, but to turn my life into one I have always wanted to live. In this presentation, I discuss the wisdom I was given during my NDE including: our power of choice, how gratitude and compassion can transform our lives and the world, the amazing gifts that we have here in the physical plane. I then give examples of how I used this wisdom to transform my own life, and ways that many of my family and friends have made changes for the better as well. I also present exercises that others can use to transform their human life, one step at a time, whether or not they have had an NDE."

    Quotes from Nancy's talk:

    "Everything is just as it should be. It is sad. But everything will be OK in the end."

    "You're my child. Welcome Home."

    "The point of all of this was for me to bring heaven into my own life and the lives of the people around me. And to anybody else who wanted to listen."

    "Connecting with others will be the key to your salvation."

    "IANDS saved my life."

    "This is really what helped me come out of my black hole: extending love to other people."

    "See love. Feel love. Be love."

    "Don't always be so flipping serious. Have fun. Play. Enjoy your life. That's what it is all about. You have a very finite amount of time to come here and enjoy who you are. So do it."


    Nancy's Profile Page
    Nancy's NDE Resource Page
    Nancy's Website:
    IANDS Website:
    IANDS conferences, visit

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    NDEr Tricia Barker: NDE Aftereffects

    by David Sunfellow (November 6, 2016)
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    Tricia Barker discusses common psychological/spiritual changes after a NDE including becoming less materialistic, experiencing out of body episodes, psychic abilities, increased intuition, childlike states of love for all people, and electrical sensitivities and energy surges which affect technology. Most NDErs immediately feel like an immortal soul residing in a material form. The material form does not hold the same significance. Many NDErs no longer fear death and want to be of service to others if only to remind others of their connection to the world beyond form. In many ways, NDErs become more childlike and have to learn how to live again as many of the old rules for living no longer apply or make sense. They have to integrate a profound experience into the reality of their day to day lives. This video goes over a few of the aftereffects Tricia experienced, especially in the three years after her NDE. For more information, please check out her website at
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    Rick Archer Interviews David Spangler

    by David Sunfellow (October 29, 2016)
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    David Spangler has been a teacher of spiritual potentials since 1964. From 1970 to 1973 he was co-director of the Findhorn Foundation Community. He is a Fellow of the Lindisfarne Association. He is a co-founder of the Lorian Association, a spiritual educational foundation, and a director of the Lorian Center for Incarnational Spirituality. His work involves enabling individuals to embody the innate spirituality of their incarnations. He is the author of over 30 books, including Journey Into Fire Apprenticed To Spirit: The Education of a Soul Subtle Worlds: An Explorer's Field Notes Facing the Future He writes a free monthly email essay called “David’s Desk”. He also writes a quarterly esoteric journal of his work and explorations with the subtle worlds titled Views from the Borderland. In recent years, this work has brought him into contact with the Sidhe, the “Elven” cousins of Humanity. He describes his experiences in a book Conversations with the Sidhe and through a special card deck -- Card Deck of the Sidhe, which he created with Jeremy Berg with inspiration and guidance from their Sidhe contacts. Information about his journal, David’s Desk, online courses, books, and workshops can be found at David is happily married with four adult children. Interview conducted 10/15/2016. The home page for this interview is located here.

    To learn more about David Spangler, go here:

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